This is my ratted beetle, unfortunately it failed the MOT in FEB on high emissions, it had had a full service, new spark plugs and a few other things but that didn’t help.I was going to get around to trying to fix it but I have lost interest. Things wrong with it: Passenger window is taped up as the glass came off the runners Battery needs replacingEmissions need sortingDrivers heated seat doesn’t work – passengers is fineTyres – one has a brand new tyre – two front are around 1.8mm and last one would need replacingPaintwork needs a polish I jumped it today and took it around the block, it drives perfectly, it ticks over perfectly… a mechanic friend said it is probably a lam sensor gone? but don’t take my word for it. It is slammed down to the ground, I think it looks really cool and a lot of people seem to like it.It has grass inside and a lot of stickers (most peeling off). Inside doors are sticker bombed along the tops. The sun visor was sticker bombed but as you can see not looking too good now – haha. The paint is rollered on riviera blue with rust paint patches, the rust paint is applied and rubbed back to expose little parts of metal – so it is real rust on the outside but under it is a protective coating, the wheel arches and back and front are all plastic anyway but rusty as you like.The…

This Volkswagen Beetle VW RAT LOOK SPARES REPAIR is located in READING and currently for sale on ebay:

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